Kristen McFadden


Junior Escrow Officer

Hollywood Office


I am a native Californian who grew up in sunny Orange County going to Huntington Beach and Disneyland on the weekends in the summertime. I attended Occidental College in Los Angeles, studying Ethnic Studies and wound up in a career in data analysis and software training in the advertising business. After achieving much success in that realm, the economy took a dramatic turn and I was in search of a new career path. A very good friend of mine who is a successful real estate agent thought Escrow would be a good fit for me and encouraged me to pursue an opportunity with the escrow officer that she used. I took her advise and 14 years later I still can’t believe my good fortune.

Escrow requires one to be detail oriented, which appeals to my need for order. I enjoy helping buyers and sellers through the escrow process that can sometimes be overwhelming. The variety that each day brings, as no two escrows are the same, keeps my days interesting and affords me many new opportunities to grow and increase my knowledge base.

Once an escrow closes, it is gratifying knowing I helped a buyer and seller navigate the process to its successful completion. It’s especially wonderful to see the smile on a first-time homebuyer’s face when I congratulate them on the purchase of their very first home!