Maggie DeFina


Escrow Officer / Manager

Beverly Hills Office


Maggie is an LA native.  Her father was an actor and her mother, a buyer for Bullock’s Wilshire.  Born in Hollywood, California, she attended Taft High School in Woodland Hills, Pierce College, Cal State Northridge and finished her degree in Business Management at Marymount College. 

She has been involved in real estate and the escrow business for over 30 years. Maggie has been with Camden Escrow in the Beverly Hills office since 2007 and has been the office manager there since 2013. She has a California real estate broker’s license and worked with real estate loans for a period of time. 

This background gives Maggie a unique perspective and overview on the needs of the real estate agents, as well as the buyers and sellers in a sale transaction. Maggie primarily handles residential and commercial real estate sale escrows and enjoys the escrow business, as it gives her an opportunity to interact with wide variety of very interesting people. 

Buying and selling a real estate is generally considered one of the most important and stressful experiences that anyone will go through in their lifetime and making the process as smooth and hassle free is an important part of her work.